It is the moment to evolve, look ahead, and anticipate the questions.

Glem Progetti proposes innovative and surprising solutions for kitchen appliances. Originating from an innate capability that can only come through the professionalism of an old company such as Glem Gas is. Adding a touch of originality and working together with architects and designers, our studio creates ideas and projects with international appeal. An example is given by the new Glem Progetti collection a result of the creativity of BCF designer, Marcello Cutino, who developed the full product range.

Marcello was able to use the heart beat of our philosophy which is based on the “emotional design” concept. Focusing on research, we put together new material combinations and adopting the most modern technology available went through a new emotional approach to the product. We were able to transform the aesthetic, the design and the function in such a way to be fascinating and surprising.

Glem Progetti considers the appliance to be not only an efficient tool but also a “sensitive” object which is aligned to contemporary kitchen design, suggesting new emotions, with its own history and background. These are technological advances going beyond the art, remaining loyal to the original style Made in Italy.